Sweetheart Session

I had the nicest lady contact me about a sweetheart session, I have never heard the term before and I was intrigued. I mean I knew it was a couple in love sure but certainly not the normal until at least an engagement. She went on to explain that they have been reunited after 50 years apart! Both have been married at least once, and the last time they saw each other they were like 15. They reunited at a high school reunion and boom fireworks! Can’t you just feel the love in these images?

Loretti2Loretti 1I suggested we shoot at the nostalgic sugar bowl in old town scottsdale, a throwback ice-cream parlor that has been in business for over 60 years! And I think it still looks the exact same. How fitting!


They laughed, shared a delicious eww gooey banana sundae and we talked about life and love. The restaurant started to fill up with patrons, I thought maybe they would get embarrassed… nope, not at all they had eyes for just each other.


Loretta and T, I thank you for trusting me to capture this session.  I may have had more fun that you did… nope actually I’m sure you guys had more fun!

Thanks for reading! More on http://www.sarawatermanphotography.com

I’m a Scottsdale based family, love, and wedding photographer. Mom of 4 nutty, crazy amazing kiddos and wife to an amazing husband.

— Adios!

Sara Waterman


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