SWP Event Photography

The only way to grow is to, well grow! So here I go…. I have started a division of my photography business that targets corprate events. Scottsdale is such a hub for corprate events and retreats, thanks to our amazing weather, scenery and our restuarnt scene. So should your business need one photogorapher or 10x … More SWP Event Photography

My own studio!

October 27th, 2020 I recieved a phone call that rocked my world, brought me to my knees and drastically changed the trajectory of my life in an instant. I was pulling into my neighborhood and I had an incoming call, I cheerily answered it, fully expecting it to be a potential new client. A women … More My own studio!

Family Porch Pictures – Covid-19, Scottsdale Arizona Neighborhood DC Ranch.

Hi! I have not posted a blog post in ages. Photography, 4 kids, a husband who travels, volleyball, karate, soccer, t-ball, football, basketball, dance practices, play rehearsals, and  Saturdays filled with sometimes 4 games – have kept me a wee bit busy. Sometimes I would wake up at 4am just so I could complete what … More Family Porch Pictures – Covid-19, Scottsdale Arizona Neighborhood DC Ranch.

Cactus Cactus Cactus

I know Cactus and succulents are so big and trendy in interior design lately. I happen to live in the state with the most beautiful soaring massive cactus…. and I’m out photographing people in front of them almost everyday, so I thought I would take some pictures before or after my session. I have them … More Cactus Cactus Cactus

Doc Cavallier Park

A beautiful a clean park located in N. Scottsdale. Not far from the Four Seasons resort. Boulders, mountain views, cactuses. A really cool rock wall, some trees that turn colors in the fall (ok like 2 but still good for Arizona) Nice restrooms, easy parking and a fantastic playground for after our session makes this … More Doc Cavallier Park

Scottsdale Visitors

I live right next to some of the states most fabulous resorts in Scottsdale, The Fairmont princess, The Mountain Shadow Resort, The JW Marriott, the Four Seasons. I also am good at capturing sunsets, you would think that of course a photographer could capture that for you, and many can. However the trend towards natural … More Scottsdale Visitors