Photography for your small business

Lately I have been getting a ton of requests for portrait sessions for small business owners. They need to create fun, relaxed interesting pictures of themselves to help support their brand. If your a service provider (like I am) your service is at least half… well you! People hire me because sure I take great pictures, but also because my personality is relatable to them. It’s so important to decorate your website with images that convey that. More than must a standard studio headshot…

A beautiful motivation coach…. way better than an indoor headshot. Shot in the beautiful scottsdale desert, simple clean but yeahhhh I’d like her body too!

Glos1Her is another life coach… I mean I can see her personality, her fun side, her contagious laugh just jumps off the page… I wan’t to be this girls friend.


A website is your platform so people can get to know you. Let’s portray accurately!


-Sara Waterman, Scottsdale based photographer.

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