Meadow in Scottsdale

mart4Martin1Finally! I have searched hi and low, and have almost gotten into countless accidents as I’m driving and scouting locations, I have finally found the elusive meadow in the desert. It’s at the base of a golf course, so I think the water run-off keeps it green. It really does not look like much at first glance, but tall whispy grass and trees that actually remain green, give this spot an A+ for photography.

B1 Good-5.jpg

Watkins walk 4Watkins1-80Watkins1-66Watkins1-58Watkins1-24Watkins1-14

Plus this Scottsale location, has beautiful backlighting in both the morning and evening. Bonus!

z end-2T9-2H1 PM-9b10

This spot is a little annoying park and get to…. but it’s way worth it!


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