Downtown Phoenix

Nestled between 3rd street and 1st ave on Roosevelt there is an awesome little art district  referred to as Roosevelt row (some hipsters call it RO RO) When I say art district, I do not mean high end stuffy galleries, I mean graffiti art, funky local boutiques and art galleries. Hip cafes, cozy artsy bungalows, make for a great vibe.  Impressive wall art some of it is clearly commissioned, while some of it is on the side of dumpster, but it’s the most beautiful dumpster you have ever seen, and yes we will be shooting in front of a dumpster!   I’m in LOVE with this spot, so cool, so urban, so much fun. Yes, it’s annoying to drive and park, yes we will have to walk around to find sports, yup we will have to shoot around other people. However, the entire experience is fun and refreshing. I do recommend children are at least 4 years old, past the “runner” phase.

Hill 21-78Hill 21-13


I can always find a new angle in downtown Phoenix…

E1G1 sign

I mean how fun is all this wall art?


Urban cool.


Thanks for viewing! Let’s get shooting.

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