Taking pictures of my own kids

The saying about the shoemakers kid stands true. My poor kids get no where near the attention they should with my camera. So I truly make an effort on major milestones to take out the camera and set up and try to expand my knowledge base, maybe learn something new. So yesterday was my sons 6th birthday, and my 7 year old lost her 3rd tooth. So first I set up a makeshift studio in my garage. I bribed my 7 year old with an LOL doll to pose for me. $10 plastic balls from china, kids are going wild for. If I was smart I’d order a case and upsell them for christmas 2018… Anyway here was the garage studio results..

March 18 birthday and kids-26March 18 birthday and kids-23March 18 birthday and kids-18March 18 birthday and kids-17March 18 birthday and kids-12

The last one with the hair is my favorite… just the artsy fartsy in me.

Then it was off to AZ airtime for Oliver’s 6th birthday party. I did learn something new. I kept getting an error signal on my camera that said flicker! Hmmm so the google machine informed me that under florescent lights or stadium lighting, the lights are actually flickering ever so slightly, which can effect your exposure, especially if shooting at high shutter speeds, which obviously I was at a trampoline park as I wanted bouncing kiddos…  not award winning photos here, but it’s my kiddo so I have my love googles on…

March 18 birthday and kids-33March 18 birthday and kids-31March 18 birthday and kids-29

Ohhh that last one they are blue! It’s ok not client work, jut my kids, I know they are not blue! See poor shoemakers kids!

Thanks for listening!

I’m a Scottsdale based family photographer, I love photographing families, kiddos and small weddings! Let’s chat.




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