Family Porch Pictures – Covid-19, Scottsdale Arizona Neighborhood DC Ranch.

Hi! I have not posted a blog post in ages. Photography, 4 kids, a husband who travels, volleyball, karate, soccer, t-ball, football, basketball, dance practices, play rehearsals, and  Saturdays filled with sometimes 4 games – have kept me a wee bit busy. Sometimes I would wake up at 4am just so I could complete what … More Family Porch Pictures – Covid-19, Scottsdale Arizona Neighborhood DC Ranch.

Scorpion’s Gulch

Located in in Phoenix, Scorpion Gulch was built as a home and store by William Lunsford, the store sold trinkets, soda and sweets thru 1966.  In the 70s, it became a bar and I’m not sure what happened but there are no longer a roof on any part of the structure.  A bit of a drive … More Scorpion’s Gulch

Gods Creations

Thanks to a friend/ client asking me if I had any cactus pictures. I had nothing, and I felt guilty about it. So I have started a new venture, before or after my sessions I have been spending time creating art out of the art out of natures art. Nature photography is different than portraiture … More Gods Creations

She Said YES!!!

Whew! She said yes! I was so nervous, as I was sitting behind a wall, under a tree, hiding, waiting for a couple that I never met to walk infant of me and hopefully get engaged. It was a cool 95 degrees in beautiful Scottsdale Arizona, on a sunny Monday morning, so cool considering the … More She Said YES!!!