Christmas Cookie Decorating

Christmas cookie decorating party every year we make dozens and dozens of “pepperkaka” which is a swedish gingerbread cookie. I invite a few friends over and let the kids go wild with sugar and decorating. This year we were lucky enough to have a real Santa pay us a visit. What a fun way to start … More Christmas Cookie Decorating

DC Market Street

Here is a sampling of beautiful DC Market Street. I just love shooting here, interesting art deco (ish) architecture, a nice fountain, beautiful paths, mountains a bridge, a tunnel, and great barn like doors.  Easy parking, a public bathroom and tons of benches and chairs, make this a great option for kiddos. This spot photographs … More DC Market Street

Scottsdale Photographer captures her own kiddos at a cost

Scottsdale Photographer, Sara Waterman takes a portrait of her own kids at Chaparral Park. This shot took over 120 takes… and even at that I could not get a frame of them all looking and somewhat smiling, so photoshop to the rescue. I head swapped all 3 heads here to composite 1 decent image. Is … More Scottsdale Photographer captures her own kiddos at a cost