My own studio!

October 27th, 2020 I recieved a phone call that rocked my world, brought me to my knees and drastically changed the trajectory of my life in an instant. I was pulling into my neighborhood and I had an incoming call, I cheerily answered it, fully expecting it to be a potential new client. A women with a shaky voice started talking, what she said over the next 45 seconds was so life changing, I will forever remember every word of that conversation, I will remember the look of my 5 year old twins sitting in the back seat as I stumbled out of my car and fumbled with their car seats unlocking them. I remeber floating in to my house darting to my computer as I frantically pulled up google, my hands started to shake as I typed in the name of the lady who was having an affair with my husband for the past 3 years.

There she was, smiling at me, it was her corporate headshot (get the funny in that?) my eyes widened and a sence of relief swept over me. This woman was simply not my husbands type… no no. My twins were learning about opposites in school at the time, a picture of us could have been a lesson. I could write a book about what happened over the next 6 months, infact I may.

For now, I will fast forward to present day. I’m happily divorced, and his old excerise room is now a studio for headshots! Yes I could have just said… “I now have a studio” but wasn’t this way more fun to read? Ok ok, back to business. I use a multi light set up with a really cool reflector making perfect headshots. The fun part is we can look at your images moments after I take them, and then we can photoshop them together!!!! You will LOVE your headshot.

Check some out, I can do a white or black background…

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