Family Porch Pictures – Covid-19, Scottsdale Arizona Neighborhood DC Ranch.

Hi! I have not posted a blog post in ages. Photography, 4 kids, a husband who travels, volleyball, karate, soccer, t-ball, football, basketball, dance practices, play rehearsals, and  Saturdays filled with sometimes 4 games – have kept me a wee bit busy. Sometimes I would wake up at 4am just so I could complete what needed to be done that day.  Covid-19 pandemic, put me out of a job (for now) and is expected to kill over 100,000 people in the USA – our family has never been more fufilled.  We have family dinner every single night, that has not happened in …. ever. My husband usually travels 5 nights a week. We go on nightly walks, every night, we watch family movies, bake together, hike, I have “sparked joy” in every closet. I’m rested, I work out, every single day, I eat all homemade food – and I feel fulfilled. Note – I’m anxious as heck what’s going to happen with these disease and our country’s economic future… but for now I’m happy.

Covid-19 will be in our history books, and most certainly in business text books for generations to come. The Porch”raits” or “drive by shootings” is trending all over the country.  I used a telephoto lens and I ran around my neighborhood, DC Ranch in Scottsdale Arizona. I did not give too much directions, but my neighbors ran with the idea, and I adore how they turned out. Authentic, loving, funny, in some cases a little dramatic, everything excellent photography should be, it’s should make you feel something.  I requested neighbors donate to Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children, an amazing organization founded by one our neighbors.

HanHan-2Han-3Han CV 19 2020-2Han CV 2-9

Happy families during the Corona Virus…. DC Ranch, Scottsdale Arizona on the front porch..

Grady C19_Prok Cov 19 2020

I love my neighborhood! I love my neighbors!

HIll cov 19 2-3Knight-4Rich cov 19Rich cov 19-2

HIll cov 19 2-10

Amazon and Netflix – I think I’m going to finish Netflix this week!

Wal CV 19-3

Our bikes and dogs are thanking us!

HIll cov 19 2Han CV 19 2020 walk

We are practicing long distance Yoga…


The relics, if I was photographing a wedding I would call this section the details… I have seen painted rocks, Picasso’s on our sidewalks and windows, motivational and religious signs hanging. Our recycle day is full of cardboard boxes from Costco – and yes of course many more glass bottles than usual 🙂



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