Scottsdale Senior are nothing like Jersey girls

Ok so the tittle of this post, may not be true, but I’m from New Jersey, and I will say senior sessions out here are nothing like session in New Jersey.  Jersey actually is very nice, beaches, forrest, but the scenery out here… I mean is amazing. Scottsdale is amazing, mountains, sunsets on fire, and right now the superbloom is in full force. The desert is alive with color and new life (yes that includes rattlesnakes!) I’m scared every session, but knock on wood – no snakes yet!

So you combine all those elements and add a drop dead gorgeous high school senior and you end up with amazingness… like jaw dropping images…

lin6lun5Lun4Lund fav2Lund fac


Shot at the Gateway trail head in Scottsdale. More on

Scottsdale’s premier high school senior photographer


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