Doc Cavallier Park

A beautiful a clean park located in N. Scottsdale. Not far from the Four Seasons resort. Boulders, mountain views, cactuses. A really cool rock wall, some trees that turn colors in the fall (ok like 2 but still good for Arizona) Nice restrooms, easy parking and a fantastic playground for after our session makes this spot a winner. It’s great for morning sessions up to 2 hours after sunrise, it does get dark quickly here because of the mountains so plan to meet a bit earlier for evening sessions. Here are some recent images for you to review….


These kiddos are mine! I love the rocks here we can sit on.

Kiddos Oct 2020-21Kiddos Oct 2020-61

This silhouette shot is easily made here a moment after sunset… I love the negative space. sard5




fitx no border love.jpg

blackjumpfunblackmanblackmanlovegloyd2Glyod favt6H momentE walka4z1W wall kiddosa2

Scottsdale, Arizona

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