Scottsdale Visitors

I live right next to some of the states most fabulous resorts in Scottsdale, The Fairmont princess, The Mountain Shadow Resort, The JW Marriott, the Four Seasons. I also am good at capturing sunsets, you would think that of course a photographer could capture that for you, and many can. However the trend towards natural light photography makes is next to impossible to capture the jaw dropping beauty mother nature paints for us here in Arizona. Thanks to dry air and a few beautiful clouds in the sky, our sunsets have been out of this world lately. If you are looking for a beautiful picture with mountains, cactus, and a (fingers crosssed) a fabulous sunset, let’s meet on the mountain and get shooting.


Pink and purple sunset love all the way. My goodness how good would like look on metal (I love metal prints) in your home. Yes please!!!

-Sara Waterman Photography

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