Scorpion’s Gulch

Located in in Phoenix, Scorpion Gulch was built as a home and store by William Lunsford, the store sold trinkets, soda and sweets thru 1966.  In the 70s, it became a bar and I’m not sure what happened but there are no longer a roof on any part of the structure.  A bit of a drive from Scottsdale, a few broken beer bottles found there always, at anytime you will find at least one other photographer, but it’s worth it. Hands down one of my favorite places to shoot. PLUS if we could go into the park and find a look-out for some killer views at sunset.  Here are my four crazy kids…

Scorpian gluch kids loveScorpian Gluch June 18-10Scorpian Gluch June 18

Ok here are some more, I love that we can do nature here too…

M wall_-8kwall1E palm2-3P wallF kids and

D1 Kiddos-9B1A1 Gulch-3

And finally a stunning lady in a fancy dress at the gulch!

Blue1kelly drama wabwKelly lovewall

Ready to  document your story at the gulch? Let’s get shooting!


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