Gods Creations

Thanks to a friend/ client asking me if I had any cactus pictures. I had nothing, and I felt guilty about it. So I have started a new venture, before or after my sessions I have been spending time creating art out of the art out of natures art.

Nature photography is different than portraiture for several personal reasons. 1. I can sell it indefinitely, to everyone. 2. There is so much stock photography out there, so I’m pricing digitals at a competitive price. 3. This is just for fun.

Here is a taste..

Sky Dusk SWPCactus GWT SWP

Beautiful soaring saguaro cactus, scenic sunsets..god creates this, I’m just here to capture it.

Creosote Bush SWP

Thanks for taking a peek you can find the full gallery (its a work in progress!) Here..




Sara Waterman


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