I’m hiring a photographer to capture my own kiddos.

I kept searching amazon for the perfect one-click fathers day gift. I have 4 amazing kiddos, and a husband who travels all week, so the only way I get out of the house is 1. take them. 2. hire a sitter.  Rarely do I hire a sitter with nothing to do, I always have a dr. appointment, soccer, tennis, tutoring for at least one of them. I decide I’m going to explore a new location and take an epic picture of my 4 kiddos and print it for fathers day

I recruit two 8 year old neighbor hood girls to help me make the twins look –  load up the minivan and off we go to Scorpions Gulch in Phoenix. The trip starts out epic, we are all singing and hollering and laughing and my mom peacock feathers are in full spread, I think “this is too easy” Then, my daughter starts to feel left out, and the wheels  come spinning off. We pull up to the location, which by the way is  amazing, beautiful stone building, horses, mountains, views ohhh la la la.  38 minutes from Scottsdale but a new favorite spot.

6 kids empty out of the car, the twins run off, there is a busy road, my 8 year old is screaming my 6 year old is crying, one falls in the dirt, the other runs off to look at the horses. I’m sweating, there are other photographers working with meticulously dressed client, I feel terrible for being such distraction. 10 minutes later we manage to get everyone in the same frame. My neighborhood helpers begin their job of laughing and waving their hands…. and tadaaaa. Ok not the perfect looking at the camera shot, but I don’t love those for myself. I’m in it for the emotion. I love the red tones, the texture, the framing, just cool cool cool.

Scorpian gluch kids love

And of course here is the winner, twinkies hugging and smiling, those dimples xoxoxo…

Scorpian Gluch June 18-11

Thanks for reading. I’m a Scottsdale based portrait photographer, stay at home mom, lover of light and creative anything.

more on the website. http://www.sarawatermanphotography.com


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