Scottsdale Vacation Photographer

This season has brought me an influx of out of state visitors to take their family portraits in the amazing Scottsdale desert. I suspect, it’s my style. I’m drama, I’m scenic, I’m wow factor. My style captures our amazing sunsets and the colors of our desert. I use strobes, I light my images to create that sizzle, to make you look good and it’s a style not all photographers embrace, but I just love it. Check out this family visiting from Austria. I just about fainted when the little boy stepped out of the car in the this classic overall set from Vienna…. paired with John Deer boots!!! So fun!

I’m about to re-brand myself as the tourist photographer. I mean what better souvenir than professional images of your family?!

Yay jaiJai mom

The beautiful Gateway Trailhead is just the perfect backdrop to capture the beauty of Arizona…

Fun Jai

If your traveling to Scottsdale this year, give Sara Waterman Photography a call. I’d love to chat!

-Sara Waterman


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