Photographing People and Arizona Sunsets

I have been obsessed lately with photographing Arizona’s amazing sunsets, it’s a great time of year for spectacular sunsets. The clouds are present, the rain is scarce, the humidity is low all recipe for a sky the literally explodes at sunset. I used to work with just speed lights, but recently purchased a strobe, which has taken my work to a next level when it comes to capturing explosive sunsets. It’s so important to capture the sky and expose the family well. Check out some of my most recent favorite Scottsdale Arizona Sunsets…

Shroed sunsfitz lovefeld 55TT Love 2=3Carol AZ 2Cab LOVE2Amrhits 5Devin1

I mean…. does it get any better? I want one of these of my family, I would blow it up print it on metal and hang it in my foyer (not that I have a foyer, that was so east coast) but maybe my living room.

Thanks for pursuing! More on


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