Gateway Trail Head at Mcdowell Mountain Perserve

Here is a sampling of images taken at the preserve. Towering cactus, beautiful flora, trails, an amphitheater, a zig zag rusty bridge,  a cool rusty wall oh yeah and beautiful mountains. Sunrise and sunset offer amazing city and mountain vistas for your backdrop… just stunning!  This trail head sits above the city, so you really get sweeping views and big sky images, I’m here so much I call this trail head my office. A permit is required for professional photography… and I have an annual permit, so you are in luck! 🙂

Baby Allen2Baby nik2-5

Here is the same spot on a stormy night! I LOVE stormy weather… plus when there is rain there is a small chance for a rainbow!

E and R 21-4

delano love

purpleVed fav18favfox


X stick love


ShcerbH Sch-4

Yay jai

SEnior eded

Gallery Glos-254

fitz loveTT LOVE 2TT LOVEGloyd giggle


Z Walking EDIT-4.jpg


Sisters on a ledge1



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