Scottsdale Family Photographer, having fun with lifestyle themed photography

Life style photography is so cool, unplanned, totally real and does not require wrestling your 3 year old into an itchy Jane and Jack outfit (not that they have itchy clothing) but if your kids are like mine anything that’s not cotton PJ’s suck. Hmm can you blame them, I agree. Anyway, when I saw my 3 year old running around the house in this self made outfit, mom grabbed her canon 5d and a little fill flash bound behind me to capture these shots. I used my 35 mm and about 1.6 to try to get rid of my cluttered background a bit… but I don’t mind it terrible it shows where we live, and in 20 years the kids will love studying these images.

Thanks for listening – Sara Waterman, Arizona Photographer

Batman full of pride at 3 years old.
Batman full of pride at 3 years old.

Oliver strong Oliver giggle

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